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Programming APIs

Webservice Interface

You can connect Track+ with other systems using the webservice interface. For example, you can automatically create issues from your existing systems, or change existing issues. You create your own Track+ extensions via a programmatic interface from almost any programming language.

With Track+ you get libraries for Java and .NET, that make it particularly easy to work with the Track+ webservice interface.

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Custom Cockpit Tiles

Track+ has a powerful cockpit with a variety of views. You can create your own views to display the data you need in a way that suits your particular requirements.

Cockpit tiles consist of at least one Java source file, and two Freemarker template files that determine the appearance. One file is for the regular view, and the second is for the configuration view.

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Custom Report Datasources

Trackplus uses JasperReports to create reports. JasperReports does not directly access the database, but uses special data sources in between. Trackplus already comes with a number of data sources, but complex and special reports might require new data sources.

Data sources are being programmed in Java.


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