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Track+ can be extended and can be integrated with other systems.
Here you have access to the existing and supported extension modules.

Ticketing system report engine

Integration with JasperReports and Jaspersoft Studio

Trackplus employs the popular open source reporting software JasperReports to create reports. This enables you to design your own reports in almost any conceivable way, using the free JasperSoft studio report design software.

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Ticketing system version control

Integration with Subversion

Subversion is one of the most used source code versioning systems in the software development community. You can connect Trackplus with Subversion repositories.

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Jenkins ticketing system

Integration with Hudson and Jenkins

Hudson and Jenkins are popular continuous build systems. They are being used in software development to automatically and regularly build and test software packages. The Hudson/Jenkins Plugin for Track+ permits you to bidirectionally connect Track+ to a Hudson/Jenkins continuous build system.

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Eclipse integration

Integration with Eclipse IDE

Eclipse is a popular integrated development environment for software developers. With the Eclipse Mylyn plugin you can work with Track+ directly from within Eclipse, you can associate contexts with issues and this way switch directly to a certain context when selecting the corresponding issue. Cool!

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Maven integration

Integration with Apache Maven

Apache Maven is a widely used build system in software development. With the Maven-Track+ integration you can automatically create release notes that document for each release which issues have been fixed and which features have been implemented.

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