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Task Management Software

Task management software for YOUR team

Track+ is a task management software that enables efficient and easy project management. With Track+, you and your project team can quickly and easily set up new projects, assign and share tasks, exchange documents, send and receive notifications, and access everything in the office or on the road.

Easy to use online task management

Track+ is designed for simplicity, no complications. Nonetheless Track+ comes with a multitude of features you can expect from a professional solution, like task delegation and powerful access control. Track+ is outstanding when it comes to satisfying your specific requirements. Track+ is a web-baaed, online task management solution you can host yourself if you like.

Email bridge, file sharing, and time tracking

Create tasks in Track+ via email. With your phone, take photos and add them directly to a task. Add any number of attachments too your tasks and share them with your team. Record  how long you worked on each tasks and create regular reports.

Trusted by our customers

  • Track+ ALM customer ABB
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Track+ industry awards

Track+ won the Mittelstand initiative Innovationspreis-IT SIEGER 2015 for best product in the Business Process Management Category

Track+ ALM Mittelstand Industry Award

What our customers say

Track+ is a great software. We primarily used it as a Bug Tracking Tool. We shortly understood to focus on issue tracking. Today we are using Track+ with the objective to be able to track any technical aspects of software and/or Systems. 

Dourget Einhorn
Coordinator EDM/PDM - Weidmueller

We are using this tool to manage our master students’ term projects. Having to support a lot of projects dealing with real-time systems development, we couldn't handle this situation without this tool.

R. Tribeck
Engineer - University of Applied Sciences Esslingen

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Collaborativet task management software

Collaboration is an integral part of the knowledge-based work environment. Many begin with systematic task management based on Excel tables. However, a collaborative task management software offers more: it is web-based, it supports the hierarchical structuring of tasks, it provides a roll-based access protection and ensures the traceability of all changes.

task management software
delegating tasks with a task management software

Delegate tasks and follow up

Delegate tasks and keep an eye on them, create a reminder date, and remember it automatically: all this is easy with a few clicks. You can also assign whole tasks to a group or individual persons at the same time: Task delegation is intuitively and effort-optimized with the task management software Track +.

Keeping tasks traceable

Tasks are always modified in the course of a project, e.g. As a result of changes in the framework conditions or new processors as a result of new teams. With the help of a complete change history, a task can be processed in a comprehensible manner. The chronicle not only provides an overview of all versions of a task, but also the change itself, the current editor, and the exact time of a change.

task management with history
time tracking in task management

Time tracking task management

You can create as many cost centers and accounts as you wish and assign these projects. You can then post work and expenses for each task. You can generate detailed monthly statements or activity reports for your clients with a detailed description of the work carried out.

Mobile task management app

Ubiqious task management

Manage your tasks on the go - with your smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad. Mobile access to project data promotes collaboration in the team, even if the team members are not on-site at the company. The mobile Track+ app Teamgeist is free.

Track+ is a web-based task management software for teams. Track+ supports organizational and project hierarchies, and has a powerful role-based access control system. Track+ is quite configurable, easy to use, and offers all features you can imagine for professional team collaboration solution.
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