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The most intuitive tools for Scrum! No matter what you have learned in your Scrum training, Genji shows everything intuitvely! Did you just finished your ScumMaster training and want to get started? Genji shows everything: sprints, backlogs, user stories, burndown charts, team speed. Set it.

Free Community Edition

The free Genji Community Edition is a superb Scrum tool. Genji Pro adds to this Wiki functionality, ALM integration, Project Portfolio Management, extended reporting, workflow customization, and much more, to boost your team productivity to the max.

Perfect Issue Tracking

The Issue Tracker is one of the most versatile tools available in Track+ software products including Genji. It can be configured to be used for tracking regulatory compliance requirements, bugs, support tickets and more. Users can define their own issue categories and issue processing workflows according to their own specific processes.

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Genji open source reviewed in research papers

Track+ open source (Genji) has been selected for comparison in "Comparison of open source tools for project management" research by Christiane Gresse and Luigi Buglione, International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, March 2013. The study can be downloaded at researchgate.net.


What our customers say

Track+ has continuously improved over the years. I love the new user interface. I find my items quickly and whatever I want to do it goes fast and smooth.

Jimmy Darper
Cultured, Inc.

With Track+ my enterprise has a fantastic management system. The software has an intuitive user interface and is easy to use. Steinbeis has a superb customer support. We really like to work with this software.

Kristin Mousaki
CareFusion Manuf. LLC
Scrum team management

Scrum software team management

Scrum has only three roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master and Team Member. Genji helps you build your team through predefined roles with assigned privileges. Create groups for your teams or expand the Scrum roles to create the RACI principle. Create users and assign them to a group, give the group a role in the project, and everyone can get started ...

Agile project setup in Scrum tool

Scrum project setup

A Scrum project is set up quickly: with just a few clicks, you create all the structures, including the backlogs and a few sprint templates. Then assign one or more teams to the project and you can start. Adapt the configuration to the assigned project type: This simplifies the configuration considerably and ensures consistent behavior in all projects of this type.

Epics and user stories

Create epics and user stories

Epics and User Stories are in Scrum the requirements that describe the wishes of the customers. This is to create and manage goes without great effort with few clicks. You can also assign whole epics to a group or to individual persons at the same time: Scrum Requirements Management is intuitive and optimized with Track + Genji Scrum tool.Epics and User Stories are the requirements that describe the wishes of the customers in Scrum. This is to create and manage goes without great effort with few clicks. You can also assign whole epics to a group or individual persons at the same time: Scrum Requirements Management is intuitive and optimized with Track + Genji Scrum-Tool.

Manage backlogs, releases, and sprints

Manage backlogs, releases, and sprints

You manage your user stories in product backlogs and optionally in release backlogs. The entries there can be weighted according to the estimated business value and implementation effort, measured in storypoints, and thus decide what is first implemented. The care and sorting of the backlogs is the responsibility of the product owner. It can ultimately determine which elements are at the top of the backlog and are to be implemented next.

Assign user stories to sprints

Assign user stories to sprints

When a new product increment arrives, the team members assign the most important User Stories sprints. The user stories can be divided into tasks that are to be processed within a sprint. In Genji, this is quite easy: in the left half you have the list of user stories from the backlog, on the right you have the list of user stories assigned to the respective sprint. Drag the elements from the left pane into the right pane, create the tasks as sub-operations, and are already done!

Task board software

Scrum tool task board

One of the kernel elements in Scrum and Kanban is the Scrum Tool task board. For each sprint, you will find the tasks to be dealt with, along with their superordinate user stories. Task board software swim Lanes and Taskboard columns can be organized as desired, according to agent, state, priority and own criteria. Colored markers show you at a glance who is the assigned editor, what kind of task is, or how critically it is judged. Dragging to another location on the task board simply changes the state, agent, or other.

Burn down chart

Burndown charts

In Scrum, burndown charts help to present the project progress. The number of story points or user stories to be implemented and the actual implemented over the period of a sprint, release or a complete product are displayed.

Scrum tool

Scrum tool Genji

Genji offers a complete set of features that you can expect from a modern Scrum tool. It is very easy to configure, has a sophisticated access authorization mechanism, supports workflows, comes with an excellent reporting engine and is also very easy to use.

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