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"With Track+ we have found a tool that helps us to stay in control of our entire project portfolio and to quickly identify critical situations."

Thomas Vielhauer
FID Software GmbH

"In dealing with hierarchies, Track+ is simply the best!"

Michael Ernst
Software AG

"Track+ has continuously improved over the years. I love the new user interface. I find my items quickly and whatever I want to do it goes fast and smooth."

Jimmy Darper
Cultured, Inc.

"This software is great for developers and managers. As a project manager, the interactive Gantt chart view has become an indispensable tool to me."

Tobias Schön

"With Track+ I can easily manage my projects. Whatever happens in my business, it becomes visible and transparent. Track+ offers tons of features. In my case it is the project management function that helps me best in running my business. A great software!"

Chris Manor
Golden Baked Hams

"With Track+ my enterprise has a fantastic management system. The software has an intuitive user interface and is easy to use. Steinbeis has a superb customer support. We really like to work with this software"

Kristin Mousaki
CareFusion Manuf. LLC

"Track+ 4.0 is really user friendly. It has become a central tool to my management team."

Melissa Dee
GMCR Canada Inc.


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