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Project & Task Management

A New Approach to Project Management

Get your team to participate in project management
Use the ingenious 3-plan approach to match project reality

Get your Team involved

Stop running after your team members for information.

For each task, the one that works on it should publish his work progress, not the project manager.

For each task, the one that has been assigned to it should say how long it will take him, not the project manager.

For each top-level task, the people responsible for it should do the detailed planning, not the project manager.

Get real: 3-Plan Method

Real projects must be run with three plans:

  1. A plan as provided by management (top-down or baseplan)
  2. A plan as committed to by the team members (bottom up)
  3. An actual forecast by the team members

This unique 3-plan approach is one of the key factors why project managers and team members alike love to work with Track+.

We model project reality.

Scrum or Classic

Whether you are in agile project management like Scrum, you want to use Kanban, or prefer a classic waterfall model, you will have a tool perfectly tailored to each scenario.

Use the agile board, epics, product backlogs, release backlogs, and sprints. Or use the Gantt view with critical path analysis for a classic project plan. Track+ leaves the choice to you.

Task Management

Task management software comes in two flavors: Personal task management and collaborative task management.

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