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Project Management and Customer Support

Our client develops data recorders for the aircraft industry, embedded devices with high demands on reliability and safety. He has to manage his development efforts as well as client requests. Our tools enable him to support the different process requirements for software and hardware development in a perfect way.

Customer and supplier feedback and requests are automatically recorded within the Track+ system. Depending on content and language of the requests they are being automatically routed to the most appropriate service technician or developer. Furthermore, the system automatically takes care of escalation, reminds people when things have been unhandled for too long, and forward requests based on workflow timeouts or request status changes.

Track  Tool for Project Management
Track  Task Management Tool

Technical Sales Support in Mechanical Engineering

Our customer develops and produces highly specialized mechanical fixation solutions for large production facilities. He gets requests for quotation which he manages from when they are entering his company until they have turned into orders and have finally been delivered.

All workflow elements including all milestones and all quality gates are provided within the Track+ system as templates, so that each project adhered to the same process.

All stakeholders from sales to mechanical engineering to production are always informed about the status of each project and are informed about customer requests in real-time. All email communication between the customer and the supplier is recorded within the Track+ system.


ISO 26262 Task Management for HIL Tests Automotive

Our customer is a large automotive manufacturer. He runs a big test facility where he executes hardware in the loop tests for electronic control units like engine control, breaking system controlled, chassis control, etc.

These tests require cooperation between many departments, external specialists, and the testers. All tasks and issues have to be carefully managed to ensure the high quality that is expected of this brand. With Track+, our customer is able to structure all tasks and issues, and he can prove that all problems have been taken care of.


Track  Scrum Tool
Track  Task Management Tool

Project Management IT Operation

Our client is part of the logistics facility of a large corporation. He uses Track+ for managing all tasks that require some sort of coordination betweeen different people or departments. Previously suchh tasks were managed in Excel spreadsheets.

With the introduction of Track+ processes became more transparent and could be optimized. Supervisors are informed in real-time on work progress. Employees can coordinate their tasks and are always well informed.

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