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Project management software agile, classic and hybrid

Track+ PM does not fix you to Scrum or V model. Track+ PM is not only multi-project capable, but you can work agile in a subproject and in the superior project according to classical methods. This allows you to scale agile practice and master small and large projects.

Risk management

The project management software Track+ not only supports you in the control of schedulable incidents with an interactive Gantt chart. The unpredictable incidents often decide on the project success. Track+ helps you like no other tool!


Track+ follows the huge experience gained in the PMBOK and PRINCE2. Whether you want to align your processes according to one of these frameworks, implement Scrum or just want to have access to the know-how contained therein: With Track+ you can quickly move from theory to practice!

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Track+ industry awards

Track+ won the Mittelstand initiative Innovationspreis-IT SIEGER 2015 for best product in the Business Process Management Category

Track+ ALM Mittelstand Industry Award

What our customers say

Track+ is a great software. We primarily used it as a Bug Tracking Tool. We shortly understood to focus on issue tracking. Today we are using Track+ with the objective to be able to track any technical aspects of software and/or Systems. 

Dourget Einhorn
Coordinator EDM/PDM - Weidmueller

We are using this tool to manage our master students’ term projects. Having to support a lot of projects dealing with real-time systems development, we couldn't handle this situation without this tool.

R. Tribeck
Engineer - University of Applied Sciences Esslingen
Online project management software for teams

Multi projectmanagement software

Offer your team easy-to-use project management software and involve everyone in the project organization.

Multi-project management means: agile (Scrum and Kanban) or planning-oriented project management, also mixed with an overview of your entire project portfolio. This allows you to scale agile approaches.

Project planning, project management and project tracking are not the sole responsibility of the project manager, but affect all team members. Give the details of the work breakdown structure to the authorized user. Limit yourself as a project manager to the superior requirements.

If you do not work strictly on the principle of "critical chain project management", the team members are at least temporarily involved in several projects. To keep overview, your project management software has to be multi-project capable.

Gantt-Diagram: Structured project planning

With the help of the web-based Gantt diagram, you and your team quickly and easily create a project structure plan which you can keep up to date with the whole project with little effort.

In real-time, you follow the project progress, move appointments directly in the diagram, and observe how the dependent appointments are automatically moved along with. You can directly display the critical path and compare the current plan with the basic plan at any time.

They can be easily inserted between the Gantt representation and e.g. Of the taskboard display, thus exploiting the best of the planning-oriented approach and agile project management.

Gantt-Diagram with critical path
Scrum Task Board

Agile project management software

Scrum is a process framework to manage projects "agile" (agile management). Scrum is best suited for the development of products and applications. The agile project management software Track+ Genji makes working with Scrum easy: with sprints, backlogs, epics and user stories, task board and burn down charts. Increase your team speed and continuously improve your process flows!

Scrum Software Burn Down Chart

Project status reports

Use the many report templates in Track+ to easily and quickly create reports. This gives you a quick overview of where your projects are, how your employees and you yourself are, and where there are bottlenecks, budget overruns or scheduling problems.

Project management

What is lifecycle project management?

By "lifecycle" project management we understand the management of such projects, which must deliver a defined product at a given date within a given cost frame. It is therefore not possible to negotiate during the project what can be delivered at which time. Lifecycle project management requires careful planning of the costs for the individual work steps or partial products. This results in a large number of operations which must be managed.


How does classic project management work?

The so-called "waterfall model" best explains how classical project management works. It is often used in companies with a hierarchical organizational structure. In doing so, large projects are divided into several phases, which are consistently carried out in the defined order. The elements of the traditional waterfall model are, like the PDCA cycle, the planning of the project (project plan taking into account the requirements), the execution (design, implementation, test), the observation and finally the ending of the project (delivery).

PDCA cycle
Agile project management values

Pros and cons of classic project management

At the forefront of classical project management is the high degree of planning certainty. The project process is precisely defined at the beginning of the project in a plan, as well as a fixed delivery date, assigned resources and contractually agreed costs. Due to the ordered structure, large projects can also be planned and implemented in an extraneous way. Classical project management is particularly interesting for projects which have very constant requirements and do not require short-term correction loops. Here, the essential disadvantage of classical project management is already apparent. Thus it is unsuitable for projects with many unpredictable requirements due to lack of flexibility. There is a risk that errors will only be discovered and corrected at a later date, which usually entails high additional costs.

Hybrid project management

What is hybrid project management?

Hybrid project management is a combination of classic and agile project management. This pragmatic approach is mainly used in industries with high innovative pressure, such as the information and telecommunications technology market and the automotive industry with short time-to-market sequences.

Hybrid project management aims at a more flexible handling of continuous change requirements, a stronger orientation of the project results to the market requirements and a shortening of the implementation time of the project compared to the classic project management.

To this end, agile methods are integrated into a classically structured set-up and sequence organization or introduced into subprojects and provided with suitable interfaces. Then, e.g. The administrative areas like marketing and business development according to classical methods and the software development according to agile methods led. A modern project management software must therefore be a first-rate Scrum software or Kanban software, as well as a classic project management tool.

Collaboration Software

Collaboration software for project management

Modern project organization is no longer a matter of solitary project managers. Especially when looking at agile software development, one can see how much the team's role is concerned with project management. This development is particularly pressing in other areas of work, in many cases a mixture of agile and good practice is considered to be promising.

A modern project management software is therefore also from the start also a collaboration software, which must have anchored the idea of ​​cooperation also in the management of a project in their DNA.

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