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Task management beyond Excel

2016-12-08 17:32
by Sophie Kallenberger
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Best Practice Task Management with Track+

Excel may be one of the most commonly used tools for task management, but is it also the right tool to manage tasks and projects?

A sober consideration of task management with Excel results in:

  • No permission mechanisms
  • Changes are not traceable
  • Works only with small teams up to 5 people
  • No hierarchical structuring
  • Sooner or later confusion with versions
  • Time wasters: it is much the same "programmed"

The solution: task management beyond Excel

A task management software, such as for example Track+, offers the following solutions, which is ISO compliant with the German DIN ISO 21500:2016-02 as a best practice guide to the project management:
  • Central storage of project data
    All need to see the same project status
  • Decentralized care by each team member
    Example: 30 MA, process resolution 5 days, 400 days duration of the project: 2400 operations!
    It's no longer possible to maintain centrally
  • Clear responsibilities
  • Clear deadlines
    Must be easy draggable, movements must be recorded
  • Clear time and cost budgets
    Must be changeable, changes must be recorded
  • Clear presentation of the current state
    In responsibility of the issuer
  • Ensure information of all stakeholders


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