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Collaborative task management - the benefits

2016-12-09 10:30
by Sophie Kallenberger
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In many companies the punctual office closing time, longsome To-Do-meetings and the selective input of elected employees belong already to the past. One is aware that meetings are wasting valuable time and mobile devices increase the productivity. The importance of cooperation and communication in the world of collaborative task management moves in the foreground. In the course of digitization collaborative task management tools create a central place with quick and easy access to the entire communication.

Collaborative task management provides the following benefits:

  • Cooperation is possible everywhere: location-independent - it doesn't matter where the team members are located.
  • Concentration on the essentials: collaborative task management tools such as Track+ which centralize all communications at one place - everyone is up-to-date, no time wasted by unnecessary search actions
  • High transparency: stakeholders are always up to date, the current status of the project can be viewed at any time. It favors a realistic expectation and stakeholders can provide assistance if necessary. In addition, the accountability within the team is strengthened.
  • High saving of time: eliminates tedious and unnecessary To-Do-meetings to update of the status tables, the documentation and automated report is done in a single tool, more time for problem solving and important decisions
  • Flexibility: If there are schedule changes a quick adjustment without endangering the deadlines is possible - all team members are informed of changed priorities or milestones.
  • Motivation: A cooperation culture motivates each team member to work on a new level. New, useful ideas are now always and everywhere.


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