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Escalate if necessary

In case a ticket has not been taken care of after some time you can escalate it, for example by informing a manager, or reassigning it to somebody else. You can also send an e-mail to the customer informing him of the delay. Or you automatically close items that have been around for too long without anybody caring about it. It's up to you.


Assign Automatically

Based on key words in a customer e-mail support request assign a supporter or a group of supporters to an item. Based on time-outs reassign items to somebody else. If a supporter is on vacation, automatically route tickets to a replacement.

Respond Immediately via E-Mail

Your customer sends an e-mail to support@your-company.com. Teamdesk automatically creates an item and assigns it to a team member or group based on keywords in the e-mail. Your customer gets an e-mail response immediately.

You send an e-mail to your customer and when he responds his e-mail is added to the discussion thread of his initial request. All e-mail communication concerning his initial request is tracked.


Report on your activities

Let your customers know what you have done for them. Build trust by making your processes transparent. Create beautiful and informative reports that demonstrate your performance immediately.

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