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Leading companies use Track+

Agile and classic project management for any type of project in one power­ful tool. More dynamic projects by combining proven methods with the best of the new approaches. Scrum & Kanban task­board, inter­active Gantt diagrams, time tracking: It's all there!


Easy-to-use task management soft­ware for teams. Much more than a simple ticket system or Todo lists: Work­flow auto­mation, GTD, RACI and a multi­tude of sophis­ticated features to increase your productivity.


Web-based Scrum software and Kanban board as specia­lized project manage­ment tool for the development of software-intensive systems. With task­board, back­logs, user stories and burndown charts.


Best service for your customers with work­flow auto­mation, escalations, task tracking, delegation, SLA moni­toring and Wiki-based know­ledge base. Easy integra­tion with CRM and ERP systems.


Project management teams


Keep your appointments, budgets and quality in mind: Our project management software makes it easy for you to shine as a project manager. Track+ is so easy to use that you can include your entire team in project management. This increases transparency, increases motivation, and ensures that everyone is involved and informed at all times according to their role.

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Product development teams


Whether you are developing software using Scrum, design hardware using the concepts of Kanban, or you are working according to proven process models like the V-Modell: With the concept of "project types" and "perspectives" the project management software Track+ is a highly specialized tool for every kind of modern product development process. From requirements management to service: We support the entire life cycle.

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Service teams


In many areas like IT, customer support and service, in retail and administration you receive requests from internal and external customers. With Track+ Helpdesk Software , workflow automation gives you short response times and transparency. With the integrated knowledge database, you enable your customers to help themselves, increasing their satisfaction and reducing your workload.

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All teams


More and more Excel lists? Ever more complicated tables? Then it's time for a collaborative task management software.

Our solution for task lists is based on more than a decade of experience. Whether you like it simple or your problems require powerful functions and workflows, our tools are easy to use yet incredibly feature rich. With "easy to use" being always more important.

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Track  tool for project management

A completely new concept

Perfect support for development and service integrated into one system: This is our mission. Our tools manage "items". These are tasks, bugs, user stories, tickets, requirements, tests, meetings, logs, projects, products, etc. All kinds of "items" are treated equally where possible and especially where necessary. In this way, all customers, product management, service and development can work together easily.


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Task Management and Scrum Software

Track+ is a web-based issue tracking and task management software. Track+ supports development teams in bug tracking, gives them a perfect Scrum tool, but can also serve for time tracking, as helpdesk software, ticketing system, service desk, customer service portal and as project management software. Track+ has an easy to use web interface. Track+ implements a number of powerful methods for project and task management:  Gantt diagrams, the Earned Value method, and the Getting Things Done (GTD) method.

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